Read more about why HBA exists below:

Starting her accounting journey at 17, Keteata became qualified through AAT as a Licenced Accountant after working and studying for 4 years at a small accounting firm. However, she always knew running her own business was the end goal.

HBA was born in 2018 through an "ah ha" moment after realising not enough accountants focused on one industry. She grew up with her Uncle, Mum and cousins running a family salon and attending hair & beauty events from young. So, after some thought, she realised Hair & Beauty pros was a no brainer.

She's also a consumer, an overall industry fan, her favourite beauty treatments are body waxes, manicures, lash extensions and getting her locs retwisted.


Guaranteed, she knows more about your expenses as a hair & beauty professional than most accountants. Read testimonials here.

Keteata is dedicated to building and working with a community of successful hair & beauty professionals.

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