Which one best describes your business needs?


Specialist Bookkeeping


This service organises your business income & expenses on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis and is completed by an Accountant that knows and understands your industry.


This is a mandatory process before submitting tax returns. By allowing us to complete this task for you, you will no longer have to dreadfully wait last minute or assume it has been correctly completed.


We also provide you with feedback after each session and include FREE Xero Accounting software & Hubdoc software for receipt tracking.


Need Payroll? Allow us to help manage your team through our payroll software, with correct calculations, deductions and on-time submissions your team will be paid in no time. We'll communicate with HMRC on your behalf too! 


If you're registered for VAT or wish to, we'll prepare and submit quarterly or annual submissions to HMRC on time on your behalf. We'll let you know the VAT due to HMRC or VAT refund due to you.


Budgeting & Forecasting


How much did you business grow or decline last quarter? If you don't know, it is time for you to book this session. We will create an easy to read report identifying possible financial problems & help understand your business' financial performance over a recent period.

Must be on an Accounting software such as Xero, included for free in our Specialised Bookkeeping packages.

Financial Business Development


We'll inform you on the position of your business and assist you in preparing for the changes you wish to make. This service includes a report, and 2 consultations. One to plan and identify goals, the second to analyse results and discuss trends. Now it's time to work on your business as much as you work in it.


from £550


If you are self-employed & not a director of a LTD company this service is for you.


We will prepare and submit your tax return for the January deadline and everything else in between. We'll help you understand what is needed for your current business position and provide the best package for your needs as a self-employed hair & beauty professional.

Limited Company

from £1300

For Directors of Limited companies. All Limited Companies must submit a company tax return (CT600) to HMRC, along with their Statutory Accounts. This responsibility could be overwhelming but, we're here to help.

Your Statutory Company Accounts, Corporation Tax Return and Director's Tax Return are covered in this package. Everything you need as a LTD Company business owner, we'll help you with. 


A Partnership is run by two or more people. A tax return must be submitted for the Partnership and & all partners to account for their share of the profits. We'll trim away the stress of figuring out the compliance work, tax returns and everything in-between when running a Partnership.

from £1700