The ultimate life long goal-setting workbook, updated with 6 new pages to help identify, understand & achieve your goals within a month.


This workbook explains the difference between a goal vs to-do list and includes space for you to break down your 4-week goal into smaller weekly tasks & accomplishments using the S.M.A.R.T strategy.


We've also included an editable 4 week calendar so you can clearly allocate specific days per week to your goal.



- 17 Pages

- Check in points

- Printable & editable 

- 4-week calendar to allocate time to your goals

- Affirmations page

- Free accountability call & check in

- A page dedicated to overcoming doubt & fear towards your goals

- Notes page 

- Reuse pages for future goals


This workbook is for anyone who:

  • Needs accountability with achieving their goals

  • Has a business idea

  • Wants to pivot their business in 2021

  • Looking for a way to improve how they set goals

  • Wants to use this workbook for multiple goals 

  • Is challenging their comfort zone this year

  • Wants to be prepared for post-lockdown

  • Needs a structured way to map out their goals


This workbook is used on Hair & Beauty Accounting clients that use 'Growth Meeting' services and can be used multiple times.

Growth Meeting Workbook: Achieve Your Business Goals!

  1. Download and save
  2. Open PDF on web browser or app of your choice
  3. Save when completed (change the file name so you can reuse the oringial one over and over)




"So unique & easily set out, I would recommend to anyone that needs a focus and a plan within their business or business idea! I will definitely be using in the future. Worth the money too as it is reusable unlike paper planners."